How to Keep Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution

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The New Year is here! Many of us are making new year’s resolutions. The most common of them all? Improving health and fitness. Everyone wants to lead a healthier lifestyle – we all want to be in-shape, but the statistics show that over 70% of beginners leave the gym after just 1 month. This is so apparent that the entire gym community has memes surrounding new year’s resolution gym newbies.



There is a reason why so many new year’s resolutions fail – fitness is more about mental fortitude than about physical consistency. Many beginners set unrealistic goals for themselves, and when they don’t see immediate results, they quit. Many beginners also lack the consistency and knowledge required to truly reach their long-term fitness goals. Below is everything you need to know how to succeed in this year’s resolutions.

Set Realistic Expectations!

As a beginner, you may feel excited to start your fitness journey. I mean, who wouldn’t? When I began working out, I was ecstatic to get stronger and finally achieve my dream physique, but that is how most people fail their new year’s resolutions the very first month. When you compare yourself to transformations on social media, you will be quickly discouraged when you discover that losing weight takes many months. After the initial rush of excitement, most beginners lose the motivation to continue working out.


Instead, don’t just charge into the gym and expect quick results! Treat it like a marathon and take it slow. Enjoy the process and follow a long-term fitness plan. Understand the exercises that you’re doing – what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. We offer unique, fully personalized fitness programs at ShredToneX (for a 20% discount too!). If you choose to make your own fitness program, please do your own research and keep in mind the following points:


    1. Assess your body type. If you’re an ectomorph and want to build muscle, take into account the style of training that will maximize muscle gain.
    2. Keep your goal in mind. With a goal, you have something to aim for, and you can model your fitness plan accordingly.
    3. Understand how muscles function. You can’t make a program without understanding how contractions, isometrics, and stretches impact your strength and muscle growth.
    4. Plan how often you will work out a certain muscle group, how intense the workout will be, and what exercises to do for each workout.
    5. Map out a “workout split” for your schedule to help you stay on track.

Building your fitness program by yourself is quite tricky, but as you progress in the gym, you will become more familiarized with the whole process. Of course, you can skip this process and we’ll do all this for you at ShredToneX!

Focus On Your Goal!

While many ideas have shifted over time in the fitness industry, one thing holds true – you get out of it what you put into it. There is no “get shredded pill” that you can take to avoid putting in the work. You need to consistently push yourself. You may not experience the muscle or strength growth you’re expecting, and that’s fine, because building muscle and strength is a long-term process. Keep your fitness goal in mind as a motivational tool to help fuel your progress. And remember, set a realistic fitness goal!


However, keep in mind that your fitness goal should’t be your only source of motivation. Track your fitness journey and enjoy the process! Intrinsic motivation, through passion, is always more powerful than extrinsic motivation, through a goal.

Celebrate Your Milestones!

We all have our milestones, and luckily for beginners with new year’s resolutions, progress is easier when you’re new to the gym. Beginners build muscle and strength more quickly than experienced athletes. Every time you hit a major milestone, reward yourself with something special. Have a cheat meal, or go see a movie!


Did you finally hit that bench press PR? Squat PR? Lost your first 10lbs? Go out and celebrate! These small celebrations can make the process more enjoyable, and as a result, you’re more likely to stay consistent to the process.


Remember though, while one reward every now and then is beneficial, overindulging usually causes more harm than good, and will more often than not, throw you off track. Before you know it, a “cheat meal” turns into a cheat day, and then a cheat week.

Make Friends In The Gym!

It’s January. Everyone is making their new year’s resolutions. Chances are, when you go to a commercial gym, most people there are trying to better themselves in the same way that you are. When you’re resting between sets, talk to someone! Ask to spot them! You’ll become acquainted, and soon, you’ll have a partner to hold you accountable in the gym. You will feel more motivated to keep pushing in your fitness journey.


In fact, numerous studies have shown (I have also observed through my personal experience), that having a partner to hold you accountable WILL make you more consistent, and push you to peaks that you’ve never even dreamed of. 


Making new year’s resolutions is a great way to get started in the gym. Starting your journey with a clear goal, realistic expectations, and a positive mindset can change everything.



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  1. Craig

    It is definitely alot easier than it sounds, especially the making friends part, but we will grind this out boys. I’m on week 2 and made some good progress so far.

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